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Benefit Enrollment & Administration

B360 partners with Bay Bridge Administrators, one of the nation’s leading Third Party Administrative Service providers.


Bay Bridge provides unmatched proprietary technology systems to assist employers in both the initial enrollment and ongoing administration of employee benefits.

BeneBridge is a web-based enrollment and communications platform. This state-of-the-art benefits management system simplifies all administrative challenges of employee benefits. Features include:

benefit adminstration.jpg
  • Paperless Enrollment - All applications are completed online and signed with a secured PIN.
  • Accelerated Application - Demographic and eligibility information is entered just once and can be used for every benefit enrollment.

  • Intuitive User Experience – Quick, simple yet versatile system.

  • EDI Feeds - Eliminates the need for the employer to contact each carrier individually when eligibility information changes. Instead, carriers are automatically notified.

  • Electronic Payroll Updates - Generates customizable payroll files that can be imported into an existing payroll system.

  • Real-time, Around the Clock Access – All information including benefit descriptions, contact numbers, and claim forms are available to employees 24/7.

  • User-Based Security Access - For reporting, viewing, or updating data.

  • Customizable Reports – Allows Employers to generate highly customizable reports based on benefit, member, and dependent information.


Balance Bridge is a web-based invoicing and reconciliation system. This intuitive platform, which is available 24/7, helps simplify and expedite invoice payment processes. Features include:

  • Immediate Reconciliation - As changes are made online, that change is automatically adjusted, allowing for accurate remittance.

  • Integrated Search Features - Allows searches of partial names and social security numbers.

  • Supports Dual Control - Allows administrator to require a higher level of authorization to submit the invoice.

  • Instant Reports - Change lists and summaries by product are available instantly.

  • Paperless Invoicing - Guarantees receipt of the invoice that can be printed any time.

  • Reduce Expenses - Saves time by eliminating manual balancing and saves postage because there is no need to mail a large packet of paperwork.

  • Available for All Invoices - Applies to both 403 (b) and supplemental insurance product invoices.

  • Invoice Archive – Provides for easy search and view of past invoices.

  • ACH Debit – Eliminates the need for checks.

  • Security - Website secured by GeoTrust using 256-bit encryption.

  • Consolidated Billing – Expedites reconciling and payment processes.


Having consolidated billing allows B360 to use multiple carriers. Our Enterprise Worksite Program, gives us the ability to choose the best products these carriers offer, which provides better protection at less costs to the employees.


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